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Text message reminders

We operate a text reminder service whereby you will receive a text message from the Surgery to remind you of an upcoming appointment. If you wish to cancel the appointment you simply text back ‘CANCEL’ and the appointment is automatically cancelled at the Surgery.

If you wish to opt out of this service please complete a form which can be found at the reception desk at any site of Beaconsfield Road Surgery or click the printable version here.

Please do not reply with any other messages as these will prevent the system from automatically cancelling the appointment. Please also be aware, the texts we receive back for cancelling are not monitored so please do not use this as a method of contacting the practice for anything other than cancelling the appointment that you have booked.

If the system is able to cancel your appointment then we can offer that slot to another patient. Failure to send an appropriate reply will lead to the Surgery marking you as a non-attender and you may be asked to leave our Practice list if you appear repeatedly to have not attended booked appointments.

However, the service will only work if patients keep their contact information up to date, so please remember to tell us of any change in your mobile number.

If you have any questions related to our text messaging service, please contact the Surgery.