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Immunisations and vaccinations – Babies and Children

Babies & Children should have their first injections (tetanus/diphtheria/ whooping cough/meningitis and polio) at two, three and four months. To make sure your child is fully protected it is important that they have all the immunisations.

The triple injection (MMR) protects against measles, mumps and rubella. It should be given when the child is about 12-13 months old. The final “baby” injection should be given just before they go to school and a further booster injection is required at the age of 14 years.

All girls who have not had the MMR injection by ten years of age should seek medical advice on the protection against German Measles (Rubella). BCG (for tuberculosis) is no longer given routinely to all children. If you have any concerns about this please speak to the school nurse at your child’s school or contact the surgery.

Childhood vaccinations at school during the pandemic

If you think your child may have missed their school vaccination, please ring the East Sussex Immunisation Team on 01273 696011 ext. 2080 to book an appointment at one of their catch-up clinics.
This will apply to children aged 13-15.

Childhood Immunisations

We accept bookings for the Nurse for appointments at times to suit you. We do not restrict clinic times for when you can come and have this done.

Click here for information about the NHS recommended schedule.


If your child has not had two doses of MMR vaccine they are at risk of catching measles. Measles can be very serious, leading to pneumonia and even death.  The Department of Health has recommended that all children have two doses of MMR.  Measles is one of the most infectious diseases known, and the MMR vaccine will protect your child from measles, mumps and rubella. For more information on measles and the MMR vaccine, please click here or get in touch with your health visitor, practice nurse or GP.  As an NHS provider, we recommend the MMR vaccine for your children and hope that you will bring your children to an appointment with the nurse for these vaccines.