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Patient registrations during Covid 19 pandemic

During the Covid-19 emergency your GP practice, like the rest of the NHS, is prioritising patient care. To minimise administrative work, all GP practices locally are requesting that you (and other members of your family) do not seek to re-register with another GP practice at this time. You should only ask to register with a new GP practice if:

  • You, and your family, have physically moved to a new house and are now living in a new GP practices area
  • You have a new-born baby, or a newly adopted baby or child
  • You are a first degree relative of a currently registered patient who has returned to live with their family
  • You do not currently have a GP, and need to register with one

If you have moved to a new house, but remain within your current GPs practice area, please do not re-register with a new GP practice at the present time, even if you intend to do so in the future.

Please do not seek to register with a new GP practice unless one of these four reasons apply to you.