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Merger update 30th October

We are currently struggling with a large volume of IT issues. Its been no secret that integration of the computers has not gone smoothly. The digital  teams are still working to facilitate proper access for us. This has resulted in significant backlog is, and consequent frustration for all patients and staff. Some services, such as on-line access, have had to be suspended temporarily, until we are confident of  data security for all our patients.
There has been a considerable uplift in the number of telephone because that we have been receiving at the surgery. There is a new message on the telephone appointment line regarding the abuse of staff. We are currently receiving more than thousand incoming calls per day!  You are advised to use the callback facility as this will reduce the amount of time you are waiting on the phone.
Unfortunately your call will take longer to deal with than we would like as we have had a significant number of staff resign due to the unacceptable levels of abuse that they have been subjected to since the merger. The behaviour of this vocal and aggressive minority will not be tolerated,  and we will be off listing patients who are abusive and threatening towards staff. 
Please try to be patient we will try to review all incoming calls an appointment requests and endeavour to direct you to the most appropriate person or service to deal with your problems. General practice is not an emergency service, and although you may have issues which you would like dealt with on the day for convenience, these will have to be balanced against clinical need of all of the request we are receiving.
Queries and access via apps should be available now, and results should be viewable via the NHS app. If you have queries about prescriptions having been issued, please contact your pharmacist first, as we have often issued prescriptions in previous days, but like the surgery, the pharmacies are under pressure and may not have realised this, as we are often signing prescriptions and preparing these in the evenings and at the weekends.
Your surgery team are working extremely hard to overcome the obstacles which have been put on our way with regards to the computer infrastructure and we would hope that you would appreciate that the staff you were interacting with are doing their very best to help you. Frivolous and vexatious complaints about the wait on the phone or the difficulties with accessing online information unfortunately use up considerable management and senior clinician time in responding to the complainant. It may only take 2 minutes to email and complain about being 67th in the queue, but it would take surgery staff considerably longer to produce the NHS England and NHS digital analysis for the complaint. We feel our time could be better spent dealing with patient queries.
Drs L Parker / M Radia / E Konu/ A Dann