Reception – 01424 755355 option 3

Abusive callers

We have been experiencing a high volume of abusive calls from patients. This is unacceptable. We are now losing staff due to the abuse from some patients so please bear with us, as the consequence of this is fewer staff to take calls, process prescriptions, type referral letters, etc. It will now take longer to process requests and our capacity will be reduced.
If you are abusive to our team, your call will be terminated and you may be removed from our Practice list. We operate a zero tolerance policy and all abusive callers will be dealt with accordingly.
We are working very hard to ensure the Surgery runs with as little disruption as possible, but it has been difficult lately due to staff sickness and isolation rules. This has now been compounded by staff leaving due to abuse from patients. The reception team have no control over the number of calls we can accept in a day, nor who is offered an appointment to see a clinician. Please bear this in mind when asking them for something they are unable to give.
Help us to help you.
Thank you,
The Beaconsfield Road Surgery Team