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About us

Mission statement

We provide the care for our patients, that we would want for ourselves


Personal, Professional and Individualised care


We work with the patients to empower them to take control and to manage their own health care.

Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease. Hippocrates 460-357 BC

The Patient’s Charter

We will treat you efficiently, in an effective and friendly way. We will respect your dignity as an individual and your religious and cultural beliefs. We endeavour to offer you an appointment with a GP within 48 hours and primary care professional within 24 hours.

If necessary, we will always find a time in a surgery to see sick children and elderly patients. The doctors will see patients in urgent need of treatment as soon as possible. However, this is a service for real emergencies and if it is abused it can seriously jeopardise the safety of genuine cases.

Please co-operate with our reception staff and treat them with respect. They are required to ask for brief details of your illness before speaking to the doctor. This is to help us to offer the correct service for your needs. You will not be pressed if you prefer not to answer.

You will be seen by a GP in the most appropriate setting, usually at the surgery. If it is medically necessary, the doctor will visit you at home. We offer up-to-date, accurate information about our services. We endeavour to target groups of patients when necessary, e.g. for cervical smears, flu immunisations etc.

We work as a practice team and endeavour to keep all of staff up-to-date and well informed about current issues. From time to time staff will need to confer with colleagues to ensure the information you are given is absolutely accurate. We endeavour to offer you the treatment that suits you best. This may not always result in a prescription for medicines. Advice about lifestyle changes (e.g. increased exercise) may be offered instead.

Please arrive on time for your appointment. If you are unable to keep an appointment, let us know as soon as possible. Someone else is always waiting for a cancellation.

Remember your appointment is only for one person. If more are attending at the same time then each needs a separate appointment. Please make another separate appointment for each person.

Let the receptionist know if you will need a longer appointment. Emergency appointments are for urgent treatment only.

Please do not call out of hours unless about an emergency which cannot wait until the next surgery. Please bear in mind the duty doctor will be working the following day. The practice also incurs charges for all out of hours calls.

A full and prompt reply to a written complaint will be made by a senior member of staff within seven days. We have the right to remove patients from our list if they repeatedly and persistently ignore their responsibilities to us and other patients.

Patients should not expect a prescription every time they visit the surgery – good advice is often the best treatment.

Practice Leaflet 11.01.22